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Campaign Goals

Our goal is to protect kids from military recruiting. How we treat our young (and other vulnerable populations) is a mark of our level of civilization.

A free society is capable of filling its military from the ranks of adults and does not need to take advantage of children or adolescents who are unable to judge the risks of such a life altering decision.

The campaign is not anti-military, it is pro-child. We want a safe and healthy childhood for all our kids.

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Campaign Values

We are committed to the principles of nonviolence taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This means that we attack only the policies and practices involved with military recruiting of minors, not the people involved in recruiting—for whom we show the same love and respect we wish to receive from them.

National Service

We realize the military has massive public funding that enables it to offer economic opportunity, along with development of character and social skills, as benefits that can be enticing for young people to enlist. The campaign will be fully successful only when we have moved society to the point where these same opportunities and benefits are available to all our youth outside of the military.

The campaign will include calls for increased public funding and support for agencies like the Corporation for National & Community Service, the Peace Corps, and other service programs to provide meaningful paths to economic opportunity and development for all young people.

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"Adolescent development is insufficient to support wise choices that have lifelong implications."—APHA

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