"Military Service is associated with
disproportionately poor health for
those in late adolescence."
~ American Public Health Association

"Women veterans who reported
being raped while on active duty...
were more likely to enter the military
at a younger age."
~ American Public Health Association

"The military is not required to abide
by promises it makes to enlistees,
while young recruits have no way
out of the contracts they sign."
~ American Public Health Association

"Access to adolescents by military
recruiters sidelines the roles of
schools as protectors."
~ American Public Health Association

"The No Child Left Behind Act...
requires public schools to give to
military recruiters access to students
at school."
~ American Public Health Association

"School-based military recruitment of adolescents is harmful."—American Public Health Association

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Protect Our Kids From Adult Risks

The federal government spends billions of dollars a year on military recruiting and advertising, much of it directed at teenagers as their target market.

This is how tobacco companies used to recruit the next generation of customers for their products.

Science tells us that "the adolescent brain is not equipped to make accurate risk calculations" in life choices like using alcohol or tobacco or deciding to join the military before they reach adulthood.

We protect our kids from adult risks like alcohol and tobacco. We can protect them from the equally age-inappropriate adult risks of military recruiting while they are still in school.

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"Adolescent development is insufficient to support wise choices that have lifelong implications."—APHA

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